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Mild is a very traditional beer and is the term used for a young beer which usually has a lower alcohol content and also fewer hops

Midland Mild Ale Better Brew 1.8 kg (23L / 40 pints) A classic brown ale with a malty palate and moderate hops. Colour 70-80 EBU, Bitterness 20-24 EBU, Alcohol 4.1% ABV. 

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Geordie Mild Geordie Mild is made from natural ingredients – malt, hops and barley – it has a smooth head and a creamy thick dark colour. It is a dark mild with traditional, fuller Northern taste. It is satisfying to drink and just as satisfying to make.

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Mild Simply 40 pint beer kit A  malty ale which is smooth and dark with a lingering sweetness from hints of caramel and a taste of stone fruit and raisins, the overall effect is soft bitterness.  The Simply Mild is another great entry level home brew kit. A real session ale; Or spice it up by adding extra malts and hops.

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