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Wine starter kits are provided to help first time brewers to get started in home-brewing. They provide all the basic equipment to get started at a bargain price.  

Brew Mart hope by doing this, there will be nothing in the way of you starting your new hobby.

Mini Wine and Cider Starter Kit The mini wine and cider starter kit is designed for those who grow or pick their own produce and want to turn it into wines, ciders, juices or cordials. The kit has all the basic equipment you will need like a basic starter kit, with a 15l bucket and a fruit press.

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Basic Wine Starter Kit 5 Gallon This starter kit provides all the basic equipment needed to produce a wine from a kit. 1 x  6 gallon bucket, with lid & grommet  1 x airlock 1 x hydrometer 1 x syphon, 1 x large mixing spoon  1 x 100g pot of VWP steriliser.

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