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Alcotec 23% Extreme Alcohol Turbo Yeast Makes 25 litres of 23% alcohol Made with Liquid Carbon TechnologyThe new Alcotec yeast will produce 23% alcohol, using 10.5kgs of brewing sugar (dextrose monohydrate). You can NOT use normal sugar. New type of recipe with added carbon and minerals. Use together with Alcotec 24 TurboKlar.

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Alcotec 48 Carbon Turbo Yeast Extreme performance 24hr Turbo Yeast14% ABV in 24hrsSuitable for 25LUse with a quality fining agent such as TurboKlarFrom AlcoTec, the leaders in High Alcohol Fermentation Alcotec Carbon 48 Turbo Yeast with Activated Carbon Dual Recipe 14% ABV in 48 hours 20% ABV in 5 days

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TURBO YEAST - RUM YEAST - High Alcohol / Spirit Yeast / Vodka Yeasts / Moonshine / Alcohol The package contains a genuine rum yeast strain widely used in the Caribbean for by far the best quality Rum.For 25L mash use 2 kg molasses and 4,5 kg dextrose to achieve rich rum flavour.Ingredients: selected distillers dry yeastNet weight: 72g

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Alcotec Triple Still Yeast Extreme purity turbo yeast Makes 25 litres of hyper pure alcohol Made with liquid carbon technology

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