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Dried Fruit & Flowers.

We sell a range of dried fruit and flowers for flavouring wines and spirits, as well as some beers.  They can also be used to make cordials and juices as well as mixing with cocktails.

Dried Elderberries 500g Plenty For Approximately 2 Gallons Of Elderberry Wine Use as an ingredient in your fruit wine or beer recipeCan be added to wine for as a flavour infusionAlternatively, make your elderberry wine from scratch!A widespread plant the elderberry has long been enjoyed in cooking, baking, and drink-making.

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Dried Sloes 500g 500g Dried Sloe Berries, The dried slow berries are naturally astringent and tartUse when making Sloe Gin, wine and jamThey are also an ingredient when making jam, wine and cordial although the dried sloes will need to be rehydrated.

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Dried Elderflowers 50g Ideal for Home BrewFantastic Herbal TeaExcellent for Wine MakingHighest Quality - GuaranteedFoolproof For Making Elderflower Champagne And Cordial

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Rose Petals 50g for homebrewing For use when making delightful light and summery Rose wines. You can also add to your wine ingredient home brew kit for added flavour and aroma

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